2 thoughts on “Weclome!”

  1. Hi Rebecca, I saw your book “Skater Girl” at Bayview library in San Francisco. It’s cool! I’m glad you wrote it! Since women’s skating is the larges growing segment in skateboarding, I’m sure you’ll revise and update it for it’s next printing. Here are some nice and friendly “suggestions.” 1. Include photo captions with skater’s names 2. Recognize women skate photographers and coaches 3. A profile section? Please include Jordyn Barratt(a great, stylish skater) and ’70’s skaters Kim Cespedes and Laura Thornhill (photo pg. 6). Also include Exposure Skate, and Poods Park in Encinitas, CA.
    I am a 56 yr. old lifetime male skater, who began in ’75, and rode pools as recently as 2015. I was a local at Del Mar Skate Ranch from 1978-1986, Thanks for writing the book, and have a great day!- Mark


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