Falling Rock

Falling Rock
When Falling Rock’s horse is stolen, an adventure begins that takes Falling Rock around the country. Helpful people put up signs to know where Falling Rock has already searched. Will Falling Rock ever see his best friend again?

Falling Rock is a children’s book with artwork by Joyce Robertson.




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The book tells a classic tale of a Native American and his journey, and is beautifully illustrated. The vibrant paintings perfectly complement the engaging story of a young man who spends years seeking his best friend. It’s a tale of perseverance, of love, of traditions and naming and life. Honestly? We love it!  —Wandering Educators

[Heller’s] books always have tons of heart. You are in for a real treat with her newest venture – a children’s book called Falling Rock. My son, who is six, was nothing short of mesmerized when I brought it home and surprised him with it during story time.Marissa Kennerson, Author of The Family

Journey with Falling Rock as he spends several years searching for his horse and best friend, Runs Like Thunder.  This beautiful story has incredible illustrations that make for a surreal and heartwarming experience.  The black backgrounds with white text, along with the symbolic and silhouetted paintings, will leave you feeling more like you’ve had an incredible dream than read a picture book…I love this book!  I love the paintings!…  This artwork will appeal to children and continue to appeal to them in their teens and beyond.The Picture Book Review

It is a miraculous tale, with special wonder mixed with everyday observations presented in the black background, starkly contrasting illustrations. Filled with mystery, bravery, challenges, and inspiration, “Falling Rock” is a special keystone idea, suggested every time the yellow danger sign saying “falling rock” is seen, in a mountainous area. The simplicity of the narrative and the stark beauty of the illustrations convey the life experiences of Falling Rock, including joy and sorrow, pain and beauty, compassion and renewal.The Midwest Book Review

Two paws up!A. Morkus Dog

Falling Rock is a lovely anachronistic picture book steeped in traditional Native American folklore and coupled with the re-telling of the story behind the yellow “Falling Rock” signs. The story features important messages about friendship, loyalty, and hope. —Mother, Daughter, & Son Book Review

Rebecca Heller has written an epic story of a boy’s journey into manhood and his search for something precious to him. There is a lesson to be learned from Falling Rock’s story, a lesson of determination to see one’s goal, one’s life project, through to completion, whether or not it is resolved as one originally hoped… The illustrations suit the story and unravel the mystery of the stolen horse and the signs that depicted Falling Rock’s journey. This is a classic. —Readers’ Favorite


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