30 Ideas in 31 Days

I just finished Tara Lazar’s inspiring STORYSTORM, where writers come up with 30 ideas during the 31 days of January. Between a busy time in the office, a flu, and a cold, I still managed to get out 30 ideas. (I must say, some days if I missed writing down an idea I “cheated” and wrote two the next day.) The daily posts were inspirational, coming up with some solid and some terrible ideas was a blast and got my creative mojo working! If you want to give it a go next year follow STORYSTORM on Facebook.

The Witch

The potion sits on the top shelf.

Margaux lifts the last of the heavy pumpkins and places it on her porch. No time to carve them this year.  She notices the sun dip behind the trees. She is already running late.

She quickly opens the bag of candy and pours it into a bowl.

Standing on tip-toes, she reaches up and brushes away a cobweb as her hand finds the dusty vile.

No need for a costume this year. She drinks.

The reflection in the hall mirror looks like a witch, or is it just a trick of the light?


–Created for Susanna Hill’s 9th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest

The Sound of Crows

Bare trees
Crisp air, dry grass, chapped lips
Wardrobes changed out
Shorts for sweaters 
Broken plastic baby pool discarded on trash day

Dusk comes early
Couch throws
Warming hands with a cup of tea
Pumpkin-spiced everything

School books starting to wear
Can’t get the stain out of the uniform
Brown-bagged lunches on repeat

Pumpkins, spiderwebs, and tombstones appear
Dark images of ghosts, death
Goosebumps prickle

The sound of crows

**Created for Kidlit Fall Writing Frenzy


Seven days and seven picture book drafts! Thank you to Paula Yoo for giving me the kick in the pants I needed. If you are inspired (and also a bit crazy), join her here next year during the first seven days of May. You may walk away with the start of something great!

Spring Break

“Ahhh…alone at last.

What a beautiful spring day.

The sun on my face, feet in the water.”


“This way everyone, this way…

Over here we have a lovely high-altitude salt water lake that may suit your needs.

Plenty of larva, small insects, algae, and shrimp for the most discerning palettes.

While it gets a little cold at night, it’s a wonderful place to raise a family.”


“Um, excuse me.”


“Oh, sorry, didn’t see you there.”


“No problem, but you see, I was looking for a nice quiet place to get a little rest and relaxation. A spring break if you will.”


“Are we bothering you?”


“Well, there are quite a lot of you.”


“A flamboyance of flamingos, I’m afraid.”


“Do you think you will be long?”


“Just a few months.”




“You could join us. We are about to start the dance.”


“Dancing? I love dancing!”


“Well then, let’s go.”



**Created for Spring Fling: A Writing Contest. This entry earned Third Place!